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Need advice for app distribution

I have two apps that run via Tomcat 9.0. They use MySQL databases.
Using docker-compose I already set it up nicely on my PC, but the problem arises because I would need to build the apps on my PC, rebuild apps’ image (there are also some setup folders with mysql.cnf, and other files that need to be transferred first upon starting the container) and transfer it to the client manually since I haven’t found the way for me to push docker-compose to Docker hub and just tell my clients to pull it from there.

Is there a way for me to simply build everything on my PC, push it somewhere and just tell my clients to pull that version instead of me manually copying those images, setup folders, etc?

You could package CNAB application bundles with docker app.
You should be able to push those together with the images to dockerhub.

The clients need to run Docker 20.4 for this - or enable experimental cli features in Docker 19.3.

Though, you could also just push the images to Docker Hub (or a self maintained private container image registry) and provide the docker-compose.yml on a seperate way…