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Docker compose error on AWS

While running ‘docker compose’ to deploy an app to AWS, I get an error message “MysqlService EssentialContainerExited: Essential container in task exited”

I want to know how to troubleshoot this. AWS is indicating that the user initiated deletion of the AWS cloudformation, meaning docker stopped the deployment.

Is there a way to get more detail on why ‘docker compose’ errored out?

I am using ‘docker compose’ with private repository to deploy to AWS.
I have two rails images, one redis image, and one mysql image.

Expected behavior

The docker images are pushed AWS via CloudFormation

Actual behavior

‘docker compose’ exits with the following error message:

MysqlService EssentialContainerExited: Essential container in task exited

Cloud formation stack events show the following event.
AWS indicates that user initiated a deletion. The following command to fetch the event log shows the following:

aws cloudformation describe-stack-events --stack-name ni-stage

“StackId”: “arn:aws:cloudformation:us-west-1:828076422325:stack/ni-stage/4feb6e60-4951-11eb-bd58-06ec44f8e89f”,
“EventId”: “b3f1a9b0-4951-11eb-b31a-06afe1ee8143”,
“StackName”: “ni-stage”,
“LogicalResourceId”: “ni-stage”,
“PhysicalResourceId”: “arn:aws:cloudformation:us-west-1:828076422325:stack/ni-stage/4feb6e60-4951-11eb-bd58-06ec44f8e89f”,
“ResourceType”: “AWS::CloudFormation::Stack”,
“Timestamp”: “2020-12-28T21:14:42.496000+00:00”,
“ResourceStatus”: “DELETE_IN_PROGRESS”,
“ResourceStatusReason”: “User Initiated”

Additional Information

Steps to reproduce the behavior