Docker compose is extremely slow

Expected behavior

To run immediately

Actual behavior

Takes several minutes to run

Steps to reproduce the behavior

Since I installed Docker beta for Mac, docker-compose has become unusable slow. Simply doing something like:

docker-compose --verbose run app /bin/bash

Takes minutes. Every step in the verbose output e.g. compose.cli.verbose_proxy.proxy_callable: docker inspect_container hangs for about 30 seconds.



Thanks for your feedback and sorry you’re having problems with Docker for Mac.
Do you have a sample docker-compose.yml file we could try this with to see where the issue lies?


– Dave

Hi Dave

This seems to do with changing networks. When I try using docker-compose in my office it runs as expected. At home it stalls. I remember issues like this with boot2docker. Then it was all fine using docker machine. Any clues?


This is an example docker-compose.yml

  image: hello-world

I do this time docker-compose --verbose up

And it takes minutes to run.

However if I turn the wifi off on my laptop it runs immediately. I’m using a Mac Book Pro, El Capitan 10.11.4


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Changing my DNS server provide to Google DNS fixes this issue, no idea why.

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Incidentally, I had this problem this morning as well, yesterday I was on a different network.
I’ve noticed slowness issues with docker.local resolving, perhaps this is related, perhaps not. My local router uses for resolution, and oddly, after changing my local dns to use instead of the dns on the router, everything cleared up (I also switched to using port forarding instead of using docker.local).