Docker-compose (portainer?) ignores 2nd network

In the last week, since I upgraded portainer to latest STS release, I noticed that when creating containers from stacks, it usually ignores 2nd and subsequent networks a container is added to. It only adds it to the first in line and I have to then manually go to container properties to add it manually. Redeplying a stacks changes nothing.

I don’t know if that’s an issue with portainer or docker/-compose, but I am sure the issue is there and I am not seeing things as I tested in multiple times already.

Host: Arch linux
Docker: 26.1.0
Portainer: 2.20.1

You will want to test it with compose, so you can address the right support channel.

The docker forums are one of the primary support channels for the officially supported distributions:,

Though, the docker package for arch is maintained and supported by the Arch community. Furthermore, should be another support channel for it.

When it comes to Portainer: its is maintained and supported by Portainer and its community.

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It looks like this bug is caused by Docker compose 2.24.6: