Docker compose run : No such image

I’m seeing intermittently (maybe 1 of 12 runs) in my github actions that the docker compose run myservice command is failing with the error: 'Error: No such image: '. Yes, no image is shown in the log. I am wondering how this might happen / be avoided? Anyone else seeing this issue?

More info about my setup:

  • myservice is defined in a docker-compose.yml file which “extends” baseservice that is defined by a local dockerfile.
  • all of those files are part of the same repo, so I don’t think the race condition is related to only some of those resources missing
  • OS Version/build is Image: ubuntu-22.04 Version: 20230604.1
  • Docker compose version is v2 2.18.0+azure-1

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This is not a common problem. I have never seen it on official releases from dockers repositories.

You might want to raise a support ticket to the azure support, if it’s related to azure it is more likely they already know about the problem and know the solution.

Furthermore: without knowing exact details about how everything is implemented, I am afraid you will have to wait for someone that had your exact problem and solved it.

I am facing the same issue since yesterday. docker compose works fine for some of the jobs but gives for other in GitHub Actions martix job.

I think this issue is the cause.

It fixed in 2.18.1.
So you need to update docker compose or use v1(docker-compose).

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Thanks for sharing the link to the issue.

So it was a general problem with version 2.18.0