Docker compose unknown flags

Getting unknown flag for --no-cache and trying to rebuild containers.

I read that part of the manual, this used to work before the docker-compose was deprecated and now we have to use docker compose.

But I am having a hard time building containers without cache/rebuilding…
Using package docker-compose-plugin version 2.12 for raspbian…

This is the outcome of docker compose -f:

where is the no-cache option? or the force-recreate option?

Next time, please share the text itself, instead of a screenshot of the text.

The option --no-cache still exists for docker compose build:

me@host:~$ docker compose build --help

Usage:  docker compose build [OPTIONS] [SERVICE...]

Build or rebuild services

      --build-arg stringArray   Set build-time variables for services.
      --no-cache                Do not use cache when building the image
      --progress string         Set type of progress output (auto, tty, plain, quiet) (default "auto")
      --pull                    Always attempt to pull a newer version of the image.
  -q, --quiet                   Don't print anything to STDOUT
      --ssh string              Set SSH authentications used when building service images. (use 'default' for using your default SSH Agent)

Thanks, but I needed to pass the file flag since I am having two docker-compose.yml files as parameters… and i wanted to make sure that they were built without cache.
Every time I was typing docker compose build -f docker-compose.yml I was getting that error unknown shorthand flag: 'f' in -f, but I just got it now with
docker compose -f /home/pi/docker-compose.yml build --no-cache

@meyay only talked about the --no-cache flag. -f is still a parameter of compose as it is required for all subcommand when you change the default compose file path. Some programs let you use the global options after the subcommands. I guess that was what confused you.