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Docker-compose lost flag '-c' since last update

Update to docker-compose: v2.0.0-beta.6
docker version: 20.10.7
I had scripts using the ‘-c’ (context) option flag, like in:

 docker-compose -p ka_dev -c testserver up --build -d frontend backend db

Everything worked fine last week. After update of Docker, I get

unknown shorthand flag: ‘c’ in -c

Do you have the same problem?

BTW: Solution is to use ‘–context’ instead of ‘-c’ . But strange that a shorthand flag got lost…

Hmm. I’m not seeing anything that sticks out in the changelog of v2.0.0-beta.6v2.0.0-beta.5. Do you remember what version you were on before?

Please file a ticket at GitHub - docker/compose-cli: Easily run your Compose application to the cloud with compose-cli and we can help you further. Please also include any other information, like docker info output and the previous version you were on.