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Docker-compose up - bash eof error only on windows

(Qwaszx) #1

Issue type
Docker-compose up fails when running a 9 line bash script in Windows 10 but works on MAC, Ubuntu. Originally written on Ubuntu, git cloned/pulled to Windows 10. Find and replace line endings doesn’t fix. Docker Toolbox, able to otherwise run things out of docker just fine.

Error from docker-compose up:
/ line 9:syntax error: unexpected end of file
web_app_1 exited with code 2

OS Version/build
Windows 10Home
Intel Celeron CPU N3350 @1.10GHz
64 Bit x64

App version
Docker 18.03.0-ce, build 0520e24302
Docker compose 1.20.1 build 5d8c71b2

Steps to reproduce

git clone
$ cd
$ mvn clean package docker:build
$ docker-compose up

Happy to provide additional pieces if they would be helpful, and apologies for not doing so to start (very new to docker).