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Docker-compose updates

I am new to Docker and have a working container with homeassistant installed with
docker-compose up -d

I thought that running this command would also install updates but my HASS version is still at 0.95.4
but docker hub shows 0.96 is available

What have I missed?


docker-compose up -d will only get the image, if you dont have it, if you wish to PULL the newer image, run this first: docker-compose pull, and then docker-compose up -d
ofcourse, it depends on the tag defined in the compose file, i assume its “latest”, then the pull command will do it for you.
If its a version number in the compose file, you need to bump that version number to the required one, and then when you use “up -d”, it will get that image.

Fantastic. Thanks for the quick response.
docker-compose pull did the trick.

Robert Fisher

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So would it be wise to have cron jobs for…
docker-compose pull
docker-compose up -d

Yea you can do that, somehting like:
0 0 * * * cd /path/to/compose/file/ && /usr/bin/docker-compose pull && /usr/bin/docker-compose up -d

Great. Thanks.

Robert Fisher