Docker container creation help

I am new to docker and have been reading up on it a lot, and I’m impressed, so much so that I am planning to convert my current server setup to a docker setup. I am having issues getting there though and these generate questions so I figured i’d post them here to see if number 1, I am using docker correctly to start with and number 2, if the errors I’m getting are related to that and number 3, as a bonus to get guidance from others that are more experienced with docker.

So to start I have a VPS running Ubuntu, it is hosting plex, plexrequests, plexpy, couchpotato, sickrage, deluge and sabnzbd. I want to convert to a docker setup where everything is compartmentalized. And as an added extra want to use something like portainer to manage everything.

As the VPS has a 200GB SSD which is partitioned in a way that means 20% of the space is reserved for /root and the rest for /home, I intend to install the containers so they sit in the /home side of things instead of /root

I have also configured folders on the host side for data and encryption of said data, and would like to get the containers to be able to get R/W access to.

So currently I have installed the separate apps one by one with a config file for each grabbed from the github page, on the surface all apps run fine, digging deeper though I can see they aren’t doing any of the above, they are running as root and created folders as root even though I stated the same uid and gid as the standard user I log into the ubuntu server with in the docker run script, any folders that the apps use such as config and such are stored in non persist locations so rebooting the containers wipes changes, and the working directories of everything is the standard location and sits on the /root side of things.

I figure that if I can iron out the problems with my install method I can convert the docker run scripts to a template file for portainer, or try to manually create a container and go from there.

I can provide the run scripts I have been using but to be honest they are almost identical to the ones from github

Can anyone help???