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Docker container does not update USB

I have attached /dev/bus to the container and even tried --privileged but I have an issue that the USB devices do not get updated.

So I have a specific USB device (which is Intel Realsense T265 camera) and by default, it will be first connected to the machine as USB2.0 device unrelated to the camera device. Then, I have to run some of their applications to basically trigger the camera and it gets disconnected and connected again to the machine as USB3.0 as a camera device.

This is all makes sense as industrial cameras do behave in such way but when I am doing all this inside the docker container (as I cannot do on the host machine due to the fact that it does not have libraries to run camera applications) and after the USB device replugs, the docker container does not get a new device update and I cannot use a new USB3.0 device.

How can I make so my Docker container updates with the latest plugged USB devices? As at the moment, I have to restart my container to see a new USB3.0 device.

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For a normal Docker container the devices specification allows a bit more fine grained control than the broad privileged spec.

On Balena single containers always run in privileged mode, so if your hardware does not change after start of the container you should be able to access it.
My issue is that hardware that is plugged in after the container is started is not accessible.