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USB device read-rate degradation within a container?

I have a general question regarding usb device performance inside of a docker container.

For context, I have setup a docker image (for deploying containers on an nvidia jetson agx xavier platform) to set up a camera publisher in ros to stream data from a realsense d435i camera plugged into the jetson via USB 3.2. I run this container with the “–privileged” option, as well as mounting the volume dev via “-v /dev:/dev” in the run command and I am able to bring up the node and run pretty reliably @15 fps at the camera’s lowest resolution. Additionally, I am able to view the host stream on a separate host machine and the output looks pretty good.

I am trying to identify potential reasons why I cannot increase the frame-rate or the resolution without causing my ros node to crash. One of the issues, potentially, is the read-rate of my usb device when being read from within a running container. I am new to docker, and I would appreciate any general info and/or links about how running a docker container on a host machine can impact usb performance. Any relevant info would be of great use to me. Thanks!

Hi Joe,
I believe I have a similar setup but I just can’t make the camera work when running the app on Docker. May you help me with this?
Thank in advance