Docker container inspect wrong created time / time in container (Ubuntu 18.04)

I’m having an issue with docker on Ubuntu 18.04, i’m using the snap version of docker.
I’m trying to run sickrage with docker. Had it up and running this afternoon but found out system time was incorrect, on both host and docker. My mistake so i changed the system time with timedatectl.
After this my sickrage kept running into issues and after hours of research it seems that even when creating the container from scratch, after purge, and even removal of docker via snap, it still gets the wrong time.
I can tell since the created date keeps being an hour of my current time.
Because of this the python script inside the container also runs into problems.
It seems to me that after purging containers, images and volumes in docker, and even reinstalling docker, this issue should be fixed. It isn’t though.

I just had the same problem and wanted to update this thread.
This is a known Docker-for-windows bug that synchronizes clock only during start (of docker, not images/containers), and gets delayed while the computer is sleeping/hibernated.

More info at:

Just restart docker-for-windows, or synchronize clock on containers via ntp.