Docker container - Network Unreachable

Hi to all,

Please be tolerant as it is the first time I post a question here and mostly it is my first time using Docker in our company which I need to learn. At the moment I’m really new so I’m missing a lot of stuff.

This being said, we had Docker installed on Ubuntu Linux server.
Everything was working fine until I’ve been asked by IT to change a subnet conflicting to a range used for our VPN.

This subnet was the one used by docker_gwbridge which is created by default by swarm.
I tried doing what I’ve read on many places and finally got it to be change from to

Since that time, all my containers are unhealthy and any ping attempt made to the host or any network is unreachable and I just can’t understand why.

Worse I’ve set back the docker_gwbridge to the same subnet so I can get it back working and same result…

There is something I’m missing clearly here.
Anyone has any idea or command I could use to troubleshoot further.

I used
docker network (inspect/ls/rm/create)
docker ps

I also restarted docker service and created deamon.json as it was inexistant but anything I do just don’t make it so I removed it also…