Docker Container with Python GUI?

I’m very new to Docker. Right now I just use it to load the AllegroGraph graph database container from Franz. I’ve developed a system that we want to make public. I was thinking, rather than create a make file and instructions for installing AllegroGraph and our data it would be much easier for the users if we just gave them a preconfigured Docker container they could download. What I’m not sure about is if/how Docker supports containers with GUIs. We’ve developed a GUI in QT for Python that enables people to view the data in the graph without knowing SPARQL or any other tech details. Can we package that as a container? I seem to recall a while back having discussions with someone that indicated it was difficult (or maybe impossible) to create containers that had UIs(?)

If it is possible are there any examples or documentation that show how to do this? We’re using the latest version of Docker on Windows 11 with the latest versions of Python and QT and the most current stable AllegroGraph container (I think there is a somewhat newer one but by default unless you specify the version, AllegroGraph loads the current stable one, not the most recent one, but I don’t think that should matter).

Michael DeBellis