Docker containers not running? How to fix it?

Hi, I have a problem. Container doesn’t run. For example the image below, when I try to start server (ubuntu) container and when I execute the ‘docker ps’ command doesn’t show the container running. Status is exited (0)
Am I doing something wrong?

A container stops if the command running inside the container finishes/dies/stops.
From your screenshot I see that you haven’t defined a command to be run inside the container upon start so the container will stop immediately.
The ubuntu-image is usually used as a base for creating your own images using a Dockerfile which includes a command to be run inside the container.

I am facing issue when i try to run ubuntu docker container it show exited status code 255.Please help me solve this issue.

exit code 255 means that there was an error during container’s execution.
You might check with docker container <containerid|containername> logs for errormessages. The containerid can be determined using docker ps -a.
But without knowing your Dockerfile or the errormessages it is nearly impossible to give better advice.

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