Docker containers with their own public IPs

So, I’m trying to make a couple different Plex Server docker containers but with each one having their own IP. I have a small block of /29 IPs and would like to have 2-3 different Plex Servers for different functions.

I’ve used the /29 IPs and made my own docker network “bridge” and specified the IP i’d like the container to have when creating it using the --host=“Made network” -p 198.255.xx.xx . I still can’t see the Plex server from the web to set it up. I’ve remote in and changed the perferences.xml file to have me do the 1st setup process which requires to be on the localhost but still can’t connect to the server.

I’ve read all over the web about different ways to do this and tutorials but I’m finally at a loss on setting this up. I’d gladly donate if someone would help me set this up and have it published to the public IPs.