Docker creates unwanted bridge networks NOT docker0 bridge


I have Docker installed on an embedded system, and the run script that starts docker ends with

dockerd --bridge:none &

if I boot the device and start docker with that script, then I end up with a bridge network created at and this cannot happen.

if I run the same start up script with out the --bridge flag, I get two bridges at start up, with the second named docker0 at so the --bridge flag is somewhat working, but all documentation points to other bridge coming from a docker create network command, or container started with certain flags, but this instance has no containers and no images, it creates this bridge as soon and dockerd is run and there seems to be nothing I can do about it.

I tried modifying the start script to add the --internal flag as well, but this had no effect

Which OS and version are you using?

docker server version 23.0.1
OS is an embedded linux