Docker-credential-desktop.exe invoked after uninstall

I have uninstalled Docker Desktop, and am running Docker in WSL on Windows 11 with Ubuntu 22.4 LTS. When running “docker compose” creating [Postgres] container, the docker-credential-desktop.exe is being invoked and throwing an error.

failed to resolve source metadata for error getting getting credentials - err: exec: "docker-credential-desktop.exe": executable file not found in $PATH, out: ``"

A member of my team has the process working successfully, but he started without Docker Desktop installed.

Windows Uninstall apparently left some hooks into Desktop that weren’t uninstalled. How can I remove all remnants of Desktop and the call to docker-credential-desktop.exe? or how to at least not look for credentials from the uninstalled Desktop?

Check the documentation for removing all files related to Docker Desktop

Thanks for that link. I have followed those steps, but Ubuntu is still attempting to resolve source metadata for using docker-credential-desktop.exe when I run “docker compose up --build”.

I guess it is something that remained inside the WSL2 distro after enabling WSL2 intergation in Docker Desktop. Try removing $HOME/.docker inside the WSL2 distribution.