Docker daemon proxy for specific URLs

Is there any way to set a value like that of no_proxy for either http_proxy or https_proxy? In my case I only need to proxy a specific domain and I don’t want to type each other host into the no_proxy field.
I know that you are able to do that for container but I need this for the docker daemon.

Thanks for any suggestion.

There is know way (that I know of) to proxy a specific domain. You either use a proxy or not. However here are three ideas

  • You can change the application that needs a proxy for a specific domain and set the variables there or use whatever parameters are necessary for the app to use a proxy. This is the easieest if you can change the app.
  • The other solution could be a VPN which is based on IP address and not a domain. So you could configure a vpn that forwards traffic to a machine where you have the proxy. This is just an idea, I haven’t done anything like it yet.
  • You could configure a local proxy that forwards everything to the original ip address except when the domain is that specific domain. In that case it would forward the request to the other, original proxy. I haven’t done this either.

To clarify a bit:
The docker daemon needs that proxy config in the current setup.

So what I need is something like

but for the daemon itself and not for a specific container.

The page you shared also links to the daemon-related proxy settings

It mentions that Docker 23 supports setting the proxy for the daemon in the daemon.json as well.

Unfortunately it doesn’t change the fact that you can’t proxy a specific domain so my previous suggestions are still my suggestions unless you want to proxy specific domain because that specific domain is your private registry and setting the proxy for the daemon solves your problem…