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Suggestion: Application health status icon shouldn't be orange if containers exited with status (0)


At the risk of bikeshedding, I had a minor suggestion for the UI of the Docker desktop app. Currently, when running an application of several containers, the app status icon will turn orange if any of the containers aren’t running. However, I have a couple of bootstrapping containers, whose only job is to wait for other services to start up, and then, say, seed a database before exiting. Even though they exited without an error, the application still treats this like a failure, turning the icon to an orange to indicate the app is unhealthy.

Since this app will be used by people a little less technically inclined, I’m afraid this may cause confusion when they try to debug the app. It’d be nice to have the option to treat non-running containers with an exit status of (0) as a successfully run container.

Illustration of what I mean: