Docker Desktop for Mac simply doesn't work anymore. Is there an alternative?

Docker Desktop for Mac keeps crashing every other day.

The single most ofter task I do on my Mac these days is basically:

  1. Completely remove Docker
  2. Reinstall from scratch

What is happening? This software used to work. Now it simply doesn’t.

Is there a fix? I’m on a MacBook Pro 2017. If I buy a brand new Mac, will this problem go away?

Or should I start looking for alternatives?


I can only say that I haven’t had issues with Docker Desktop for a long time now, except when I could reproduce a reported issue when Kubernetes couldn’t start recently, but that somehow fixed itself later My Mac is newer (MacBook Air (m1)) and still have Docker Desktop 4.24.0 (4.24.2 is the latest). I don’t always use it though, so having the latest hardware and software could possibly solve the issue, but there is no guarantee.

The other thing I see recently is the increased number of issues on Mac, at least reported on ttis forum. It could be because there are more issues or because more people use it, or because more people use an older Mac and Docker supports the latest and the two previous major version.

Even when someone used a supported Mac, but updated to the latest, that usually helped, although supported versions should work so you can report the issues on GitHub - docker/for-mac: Bug reports for Docker Desktop for Mac or contact Docker support.