Docker Desktop for Windows ARM

Hello Community Devs,
I created this forum because I didn’t find anything related to installing Docker Desktop on devices running Windows ARM64.

I have a Microsoft Surface Pro X computer with ARM SQ1 chip and Windows Pro running the Windows Isider program.
I performed the installation of WSL, WVM and everything else that Docker Desktop requires, but it didn’t work.

If anyone has managed to do this installation, please share with us.


Correct me if I am wrong, but Windows on ARM CPU is pretty new, isn’t it? I don’t think Docker Desktop for Windows supports ARM. When Apple started to sell MacBooks with ARM CPUs, Docker started to support the M1 chip and you could download an installer for Apple chips and an other for intel chips. So if you can find only one installer, that is only for AMD64 CPUs. Since you mentioned WSL, you could use WSL2 and install Docker CE directly on a WSL distribution. As you can see here, Docker CE supports arm64