Docker Desktop from Windows WSL2 running old containers that can't be seen or stopped

Running Docker Desktop with WSL2 running a Ubuntu distro, after upgrading to 4.27.1, I have old containers running on the WSL; however, I can’t see them with docker ps or turn them off.
What shows in Desktop are the containers I want running, and they show running. The problem is that one container is a reverse proxy, but Traefik is running from a container I used ages ago. I don’t know how this container is being started or how to get rid of it. I assume it isn’t the only container doing this, either.

First make sure you are using the right context from terminal.

docker context ls

You should see “desktop-linux”. If it is not the active context, activate it.

docker context use desktop-linux

I don’t remember, but assume the context nam would be the same in the WSL distribution. If you are using different contexts and run a seond docker daemon, not just docker desktop, you could get different results.

It is looking like it starts in default because the desktop-linux context is broken after the upgrade.

desktop-linux *   Docker Desktop                            npipe:////./pipe/dockerDesktopLinuxEngine
docker ps
Failed to initialize: protocol not available

Did you get this eror inside a WSL distribution or from Powershell on the Windows host?

Bash command line from WSL.