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WSL 2 Default Distro Docker not found

Has anyone else had an issue where installing the latest Docker Desktop for Windows in WSL 2 mode doesn’t actually do anything to the default distro? I can run docker from PowerShell, but even though I even forced it in my only (and default) distro at the time (Ubuntu), I cannot run docker from that distro.

I’m new to Docker on WSL but followed every direction exactly and it doesn’t seem to work. Here are some images of what I’ve done and see. I’m sure I set something up incorrectly, but followed everything I found.

Win 10 20H2 (19042.572) WSL 2. I read another thread (Unable to run “docker info” inside WSL 2 docker-desktop distro: right or wrong? General Discussions 2d - I’m running Windows 10 Pro update to 20H2 build 19042. I installed WSL 2 upgrade. I installed Docker for Windows version (48506). No additional distros installed. Is it normal that from wit…

but according to the latest documentation it says to enable in your default distro, to select it in the Docker Settings, which I did.

Thanks, Vince

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es. I couldn’t attach two images (since I’m new to the forums) but they show up. I can run stuff from PowerShell, but not from inside Ubuntu. According to the doc it should allow me to run inside Ubuntu, but it does not (or the doc is wrong).
Screenshot 2020-10-26 171727 Y

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Ubuntu in WSL is a Linux OS running in parallel to Windows, it has nothing to do with Docker.

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