Docker Desktop runas Administrator as Service all the time

Hi All,

I am using one VM where installed Docker Desktop and using it for build agent in my CI and CD pipelines.
My CI pipelines to build image run anytime; but Docker desktop service found stopped because once my session timeout all task stop.

Requiremnet : To make Docker Desktop service running all the time on Windows 2019 Server.
Docker Desktop Service must be keep running with runas Administrator for 24 hrs.
As of now once session disconnects/timeout as per checkout time in PAM service stops. How to make it running as administrator as Service in windows 2019 Server.

As far as I know, running Docker Desktop on Windows server is not even supported. If you want Linux containers in a virtual machine, install Linux in the VM and install Docker CE instead of Docker Desktop.

Mine are all Windows Containers (pull windows core server image from dockerhub under a docker file and build image on it); so obviously can’t build on Docker running on Linux.

What is best possible solution to ensure Docker Desktop service keep running irrespective of session logout or no session.

As I wrote, Docker Desktop is not supported on Windows Servers. You can still install Docker. I don’t have any Windows Server so I can’t tell you now exactly how, but I think this is it:

It mentions a PowerShell script.