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Docker Desktop won't start on Windows Server 2019

I’m trying to get Docker Desktop to start up on a virtual server running Windows Server 2019.

Unfortunately, it won’t start and reports this error in the log file:
[09:45:28.822][LifecycleClient ][Info ] Waiting for lifecycle-server for up to 00:03:00
and then this over and over:
[09:47:13.030][LifecycleClient ][Info ] Lifecycle-server is still down, will retry in 1s
[09:47:14.083][LifecycleClient ][Error ] HttpOS Client: Exception:The semaphore timeout period has expired.

I tried updating the “lifecycleTimeoutSeconds” in my C:\Users<user>\AppData\Roaming\Docker directory. I changed it to from 180 to a higher value and that still doesn’t fix the issue.

Does Docker Desktop even work on Windows Server 2019 standard edition? I can’t find any documentation that clearly says yes or no. Everything seems to indicate that I need Docker Engine - Enterprise.

If it’s supposed to work, what could be causing the timeout?

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Docker Desktop can not be installed on windows sever.

Docker Enterprise is free with Windows 2016 and 2019.

Install it using Powershell. Look at this link:

1- I removed docker, disabled hyper-v, removed dockerNat adapter.
2- restarted windows.
3- reinstalled docker
4- enabled hyper-v. restarted Windows server 2019

I hope the best for you, I have been in the same situation after the update.