Docker Desktop v4.14 is available

Major Highlights:

  • v4.14 introduced a new “Copy docker run” option that lets you easily retrieve the original run command (plus its parameters/details) to help you quickly uncover exactly which environment variables are being used. Try it out now!

  • Enabled contextIsolation and sandbox mode inside Extensions. Now Extensions run in a separate context and this limits the harm that malicious code can cause by limiting access to most system resources.

  • Added functionality that allows you to display timestamps for your container or project view.

  • Dev Environments works flawlessly with the containerd integration.
  • Implemented docker diff in the containerd integration.
  • Implemented docker run —-platform in the containerd integration.

Release Notes: Docker Desktop release notes | Docker Documentation
Blog Post: New in Docker Desktop 4.14: Greater Visibility Into Your Containers - Docker

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