Docker Desktop versus CLI permission with mounted volumes

I have docker installed in two different ways (both through official docs). I started with a “standard” docker/docker compose install for interacting with docker over the CLI. I later installed Desktop to try out some of the features. Now I have an issue where, if I run a compose project with Desktop running, the owner on any mounted volumes get changed to UID:GID that is not 1000. This means that I cannot run a project with Desktop stopped if it was initialiased with it running, or vice versa.

Is Desktop running on a separate VM somewhere?

Guess I could just choose between either “pure” CLI or Desktop on my machine, but though I’d reach out and see if anyone else found a workaround for this. I could just chown the directories as I go, but this is tedious and not really an option long term.

Docker Desktop consists of a UI and cli-tools on your host, and a docker engine that runs in a utility vm. It is the same for Linux, macOS and Windows, though they differ in the virtualization technology used to run the utility vm.

Are you trying to bind the same host folder into a container running on docker-ce, and docker desktop? Why would that make sense?