Docker Desktop won't update

I’m running 4.17.0 (99724) and the UI says I have updates, but when I click “Download Update”, nothing happens. I’ve also tried clicking “Download update…” from the system tray context menu, and that doesn’t do anything either. I’ve tried shutting down and restarting Docker, and the same thing happens. This is all after a fresh reboot. Why isn’t update working?

same for me for version 4.18. I’m on Windows 10.

Same for me.

You’re currently on version 4.18.0 (104112). The latest version is 4.19.0 (106363).

Anyone get past this yet?

Same problem here status shows installing update but it never happens.

I had the same issue. I was able to update after running Docker Desktop as administrator.

Had exactly the same issue with 4.18.0 failing to update to 4.19.0 while there was really a 4.22.0 (117440) out.
So the installer seemed to be using an outdated update. Restarting and running as an administrator didn’t help. I’ve manually downloaded the installer for 4.22.0, stopped the two Docker services (Docker Engine and Docker Desktop Service), and run the installer manually. With this, Docker was updated and back to normal.

Never works for me either, have to go to their site and download it manually.