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Docker does not do anything - Broken on Mac OS

OS Version
OSX 10.11.6

Expected Behavior
I expect that when I enter:
/Applications/ --uninstall
that the application would uninstall itself.
Actual Behavior
/Applications/ --uninstall
Simply does nothing but runs and does nothing. It does not install, it hangs forever, waiting for something.
I do not have anything. There are no log outputs except when I connect dtruss, which I can not get anything out of the output to be able to tell what is wrong.

What I want to do is completely remove Docker and start over again. Any help cleaning up Dockers left over bits would be appreciated.

I have installed and uninstalled every current version of docker for mac…

I am going to reply to my own thread because I figured out the problem.

There was a file that existed:


And while this file exists, even --uninstall does not work. I would suggest that the --uninstall remove this file to at least return the user to clean state rather than hanging indefinitely. Assuming that files like these are removed is just a bad assumption…


@rsvancara Thx a lot for updating your own question !! After hours of seeking the other day, found your entry and it resolved my struggle… nicely.

@docker guys… Please make uninstall work more reliably, it’s crucial being able to nuke an old installation, I’m sure you’d all agree.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I was at wit’s end trying to figure out why my Docker install was completely hosed and I couldn’t do anything, including uninstall. This did the trick.

Really, guys. You need to fix this. I wasted hours pulling out my already thinning hair…