Docker downgrade to later version

Hello. SO I have successfully installed docker 1.6 on my virtual machine and local Ubuntu 14.04. however the website I am connecting to only supports docker 1.5. I am in need of downgrading docker.

I looked at the installation guide and there was not a command for apt-get lxc-docker-X.X.X type of selection.

Do I need to uninstall docker 1.6, and pull 1.5?
What about the dependencies used on 1.6?

This is from the manual, does this imply 1.6 must be uninstalled?

To download a specific version for Linux, use the following URL patterns:

You can execute the following to downgrade your Docker version to 1.5:
mv /usr/bin/docker /usr/bin/docker.bak; wget -O /usr/bin/docker "" && chmod +x /usr/bin/docker
service docker restart
Since it is a static linking, there should not be any dependencies if you swap out the binary.

Could you tell us more about why the website only supports Docker Engine 1.5? Is it because it is running a 1.5 daemon?