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Docker downgrade to later version

(Anthony R. Colombo) #1

Hello. SO I have successfully installed docker 1.6 on my virtual machine and local Ubuntu 14.04. however the website I am connecting to only supports docker 1.5. I am in need of downgrading docker.

I looked at the installation guide and there was not a command for apt-get lxc-docker-X.X.X type of selection.

Do I need to uninstall docker 1.6, and pull 1.5?
What about the dependencies used on 1.6?

(Anthony R. Colombo) #2

This is from the manual, does this imply 1.6 must be uninstalled?

To download a specific version for Linux, use the following URL patterns:

(Sabin Basyal) #3

You can execute the following to downgrade your Docker version to 1.5:
mv /usr/bin/docker /usr/bin/docker.bak; wget -O /usr/bin/docker "" && chmod +x /usr/bin/docker
service docker restart
Since it is a static linking, there should not be any dependencies if you swap out the binary.

(Andy Rothfusz) #4

Could you tell us more about why the website only supports Docker Engine 1.5? Is it because it is running a 1.5 daemon?