Docker engine 20.10.2: should I necessarily upgrade?

I got the mentioned docker engine in an Ubuntu 20.04 distribution.
A new version is available, but I cannot upgrade, since with the new available package aufs file system is no more supported, that is the new version is not compatible with the present file system. I’m pretty inexperienced, and so far I couldn’t find any procedure easy enough for me to migrate from aufs to another file system without fearing the risk of loosing data.
So, what if I simply keep on using the mentioned version and aufs?

Thanks in advance!


You risk that you will not be able to run some containers since if I remember well because of some new system call newer images doesn’t always work with older version than 20.10.9. This is one reason and the other is security updates. I don’t have a list of security updates but using old versions when you ae connected to the internet is always risky.