Lost everything after upgrade to 20.10.21

Hi all,
recently I noticed the services on my own VPS were not available, so I found out there were no more container or images in docker… I couldn’t understand what and when this happened, so I tried to restore some previous snapshot until I got a working situation. But then, after some minutes, the same happened again. I thought that I got hacked somehow but then I found out this was happening as docker was upgrading automatically from 20.10.12 to 20.10.21.
I am using docker.io in Ubuntu 22.04.

Somebody can tell me why is this happening and how to solve it? Temporarily, I have disabled the apt autoupdate so the issue seems not reappearing for now…

Are you binding your docker-engine to a tcp-socket and expose it to the internet?

Docker.io is the docker package from Ubuntu: it is maintained and supported by Canoncial and the Ubuntu community.

You might get such an effect, if the storage driver chages (though, this shouldn’t happen during update to another patch release).

Damn, I think I was supposed to look better into the forum… I found out I added another volume for data and that was present in the docker.service which is overwritten during the upgrade… I have then readded the volume and after upgrade I still have my containers and images now!

So you seem to have figured it out :slight_smile:

Yes, thanks for your time!

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