Docker engine performance

I need to deal with groups of containers where each group consists of 100 or more containers. Creating them, starting them, stopping them, and destroying them as a group doesn’t seem practical because it takes so long. On a Xeon with 16 cores running Fedora, creating and starting a group of 100 containers takes about four and a half minutes. Stopping and destroying that group takes nearly eleven minutes. If I just start and then stop all of them after they are already created, it takes several minutes, stopping taking longer than starting. I’ve tried to break up the actions using the parallel command but the benefits are minimal (maybe ten percent).

Is there a way to speed up these activities? Searching online for answers, all I seem to find are methods to start multiple containers (like docker-compose), manage them, or similar irrelevancies. I know how to do these things but I’m not happy with the performance. When the containers are running, the performance is quite snappy. It’s just the container management activities that are unbearably slow.

if start/stopping is too slow for you, you could try out pause/unpause

It appears that no one thinks there is any way to speed up container management activities (create, start, stop, and rm). “Sad.”