Docker Engine Swarm (1.12+) mode - How to set DNS for two (or more) swarm manager


At first: I hope this is the correct category. I thought about moving it to Open Source Projects - Swarm but I think the question is generous enough for being in the general discussions category.

Currently I am trying to get the hang of docker and docker engine swarm node. Works great so far. What I try to achieve: Currently we serve static content on three servers with nginx (,, We also have an api which is programmed in node.js with nginx as a reverse proxy (

Now I want to setup the given structure via docker engine in swarm mode. Currently my setup exists of two server, one manager and one worker. The domain points to the manager. Afaik a good setup should have more than one managers so when one manager is down the other managers are taking over the work. But how can I let my domain point to “both” managers? I know when one server is down I could update the dns-settings but that isn’t smart because some dns-caches could still cache the old ip…

To be honest, I think I have read so much the last hours that I think I don’t see the obvious…

Any help please?

Thank you! :slight_smile: