Docker erro FATA[0000] on fedora 21

Hello folks, I installed docker on a fedora 21 to make some tests but when i try to run docker version I get the Following :
Client version: 1.6.0
Client API version: 1:18
Go version ( client) : go1.4.2
Git commit ( client) : 350a636 / 1.6.0
OS / Arch ( client) : linux / amd64
FATA [ 0000 ] Get http: ///var/run/docker.sock/v1.18/version : dial unix /var/run/docker.sock : no such file or directory . Are you trying to connect to the TLS -enabled daemon without TLS ?

I installed docker with the command : sudo yum -y install docker .

So someone know how to solve this problem ?

Can you try sudo docker version

Yes , it give me the same message.

Is your docker daemon running? Try sudo systemctl start docker

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Wow, that worked, so docker daemon wasn’t started, sudo systemctl start docker, thanks.