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Docker fails on changed GCP virtual machine?

(Mbloore) #1

I have a problem with Docker that seems to happen when I change the machine type of a Google Compute Platform VM instance. Images that were fine fail to run, fail to delete, and fail to pull, all with various obscure messages about missing keys (this on Linux), duplicate or missing layers, and others I don’t recall.

The only workaround I have found so far is to delete several large Docker directories, and recreate them empty. Then after a restart pull and run work again.

Has anyone had this kind of problem, or know a way to reset the state of Docker without deleting almost everything? Does a docker pull somehow adapt the image to the CPU and memory configuration of the machine?

(Sam) #2

i don’t ‘know’, but i would expect the contents of the docker directory to be platform specific.

(Mbloore) #3

Certainly the location of the Docker directory is platform specific, and in fact I customized it, but I should think that the internal layout would not be, since that would be a huge maintenance headache. In any case, I’m running Linux-based images on Debian VMs.

(Mbloore) #4

It seems that the changed machine is not the problem. The failure is intermittent on an unchanged machine. I will start a new thread with more information.