Docker FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard)


I’m trying to dockerize USP (Unified Streaming Platform) but as it seems FIPS is needed. The binary file mp4split which encrypts video content checks /proc/sys/crypto/fips_enable. This file does not exists and therefor dies.

We have a platform running CoreOS stable 766.3.0. CoreOS also does not seem to have FIPS enabled because /proc/sys/crypto doest not exist. FIPS should be enabled at boot time. CentOS has a special bootflag fips=1 to enable FIPS.

So the real question would be whether CoreOS supports FIPS. I guess that the question might not be on the right place to ask but I thought to give it a try anyway.

Thank you in advance.


Raymond Otto

Hi Raymond,

Did you ever get a clear answer to your question about CoreOS and FIPS?
I was able to find these links:!topic/coreos-user/87jg1Wyt76k!topic/coreos-user/CA14ax-Dy5A

If you find any other information I would greatly appreciate hearing about it. Thanks.

Thomas Chimento