Docker Flask app, can't upload files

Hi - what is the proper way to upload files and use them in a docker container? I’m using docker for windows WSL, but I have no idea where my file uploads are going. My project so far is here - but I’m stuck trying to get file uploads/access to work/ GitHub - CodyMWilson/FlaskOfTwine: A python driven webtool to convert HTML documents into google docs


According to the code its:

UPLOAD_FOLDER = os.getcwd()

and in the dockerfile, it "cd"s to this directory:


So that would be my guess

BUT, you should not store files IN the container, you should instead map a folder from your host (using -v) so the files get stored on your host and not in a container, so if you need to update/recreate the container, the files are still there.
But i dont know your specific usecase so it might be okay