Downloaded files in docker container but cannot see them on host file system


This is probably down to my lack of understanding, I have been following the documentation for laradock installation which basically creates a docker environment with a web server, database and also installs php and php laravel framework for you within containers. If you go to “Install Laravel from a Docker Container” within the documentation they are the steps I have followed. However I cannot seem to see the contents of what I have just downloaded in the host directory, I want to be able to edit the files in the host directory and see changes reflect within the container.

Here is the workspace container mount points

After having a look at the source I would have throught I would be able to see the travel-app directory within the laradock directory, which as you can see this does not seem to be the case.

I am running Docker for windows the native version. I am sorry as I am a new user and can only post two links at most.