Docker for Desktop on ESXi 6.7

Hello Everyone,

I have installed Docker version 20.10.18 on Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS which is running as VM on ESXi 6.7. The issue is my docker desktop is stopped. It is not running at all. Can someone help me to fix it. I have also login to docker desktop using my email ID but still it is in “Stopped” state.

I have also installed Docker Desktop on my laptop which is running windows 10. On my laptop it is working fine.

Make sure to enable nested virtualization for your esxi vm, so the kvm vm used as backend for docker desktop can actually work.

Since I have no esxi installed (I replaced mine with a Proxmox Cluster long time ago), I had to google for a screenshot:

Screenshot Source: Vmware ESXI Nested Virtualization | CloudShare

Why not just use docker-ce on Ubuntu directly? After all Docker Desktop aims to provide a platform for developers, and not a platform for operating containers 24/7.

Even after enabling the Hardware virtualization on Ubuntu VM still Docker Desktop stopped.

It should work, if you followed the instructions:

Things that are easy to miss/ignore is that qemu must me at least v5.2, the kvm kernel modules are not installed or the user is not added to the kvm group.