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Docker for Mac almost unusable with downloaded images

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that Docker for Mac is almost unusable when you are downloading application images from Docker Hub.

Certainly more than half the time when I docker create/run a downloaded image I get Errno 13 Permission Denied in the volumes I have set up.

Either Docker can’t view the volume, or it can’t create files within the volume, or some variation of UID GUID issue on poorly documented Docker images obviously designed for Linux and not MacOS.

We seriously need a good tool to help resolve this - I don’t know - maybe I should look into data containers - do they have the same issue?

Yep, I have had the same problem. Placing volumes on the native mac filesystem is where things just fail to work. I tried various ways to remap UID/GID in the containers to match the host with some success, but consider it to be too much of a hassle to be useful in practice.

I went back to using a Parallels vm with a basic linux image as host which works fine for development purposes, which is pretty much how the toolkit approach works.

@shuntera could you please give some examples of images you are running (with the command lines you are executing) so that we can take a look at what is happening? You should not be getting these errors.

@davidnugent could you please give an example of an image and command line you are running that doesn’t work on Docker for Mac?

@dsheets In retrospect it probably didn’t help that i had a mix of, and docker-toolkit and a homebrew docker install. Once I sorted that out it and removed everything then reinstalled just the app, it all seems to work just fine.