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Docker for mac -- Audio support

(Skulblaka) #1

Hello everyone,

You guys did an amazing tool, docker is great ! Thank you !

I am running docker for mac 1.12, and as I work a lot with voice recognition and sound softwares, I cannot find any informations about how to link OS X sound system to /dev/snd folder of the container running ubuntu for example.

To bypass this issue, I am running a vm linux on the side with docker on it but I am really missing docker’s point by that way…
I have search a LOT for this and tried different things. Apparently xhyve does not integrate audio but I cannot be sure due to the lack of documentation.

Do you know guys how to link OS X sound system to a container with --device for exemple ?

Thanks a lot

(Paulsturgess) #2

I too am very interested in Docker For Mac audio support.

If anyone has info on this please do share.

(Mikev1963) #3

Was this ever answered?

(Rafaeldelucena) #4

Hello guys,

Any thoughts about this?