How to get sound?


I begin to use docker for desktop applications.
However, I am not able to have sound from container.
When I try to use images from Jess Frazelle (tor-browser for example) I have a notification that pulseaudio is not installed.

I try to mount different devices/directories/files without success.

I am using Docker version 17.06.0-ce, build 3dfb8343 on Archlinux 4.12.6-1-ARCH.

Anybody have an idea ?

it works, but it is probably not that easy as it should be. some pointers here:

does this work for you?

Hi think,

this works !!

So I will try to understand why ^^.

Ok, so I just mix the dockerfile.
And I notice the issue appear when I add X11 socket.

After that, I find another person with the same issue .
I was able to do the trick, now I need to optimise my dockerfile.

Here is my final image :