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Docker for mac replaces homebrew docker install

(Martinborgman) #1

While my current installation works fine, be aware that the installation of docker for mac overwrites the installation the homebrew versions of docker, docker-compose and docker-machine.

$ pinata doctor
This tool will help identify any incompatibilities between your environment
and Docker for Mac. If Docker for Mac is working fine: please don’t worry and
just ignore these warnings!

Warning: You have installed docker on your system with homebrew.
This can interfere with the operation of Docker 4 Mac. If you would like to
remove it:
brew uninstall docker

The doctor found 1 problem.

(Justin Cormack) #2

Yes, we need to have up to date client binaries to match the daemon, and we need to have a testable set of binaries and the ability to add more platform integrations.

(Martinborgman) #3

I understand completely.

Maybe you should let people know in “What to know before you install”

(Josh Graham) #4

Renaming the homebrew docker commands allows you to keep both if you want (just be aware you might not want the docker-machine running all the time). I just prefixed an “h” to mean “homebrew”:
/usr/local/bin/hdocker -> ../Cellar/docker/1.10.3/bin/docker /usr/local/bin/hdocker-compose /usr/local/bin/hdocker-machine -> ../Cellar/docker-machine/0.6.0/bin/docker-machine

(Fuseelements) #5

Would modifying the PATH to prepend a directory within the app work? This approach would remove the need to overwrite files in /usr/local/bin.