Newbie question - docker on macos directory

Hi all,

I installed docker, docker compose and docker desktop for mac os ventura.

i followed these step to install viber to use it in franz app

now i removed the docker container from docker desktop, also the image I should have removed. But on my system show me this location still exist.
I do command “locate viber” and output is this


(these are example but there are more)

but if i try to access this directory say me it doesn’t exist.

please can you help me to understand and remove it ?

thanks a lot

The container must have created those folders on behalf of an other user. You could remove those folders by running an other container and mounting your home or just use sudo su to be root on the host and remove those folders as rote.

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thank you for the reply, anyway now without actions all the folders mentioned are disappeard.
it still exist a file called viber.rb in
but not sure it is something of docker, it should be an homebrew residual file.
If someone can explain me what is there exactly in that directory it will be very helpful to understand if i can remove that file

thank you

Docker could not write that folder so it must be managed by homebrew as you suspected. The only way it could be related to the github repo you shared is that if that contains a script that runs on the host before starting the container using docker compose. I can’t see anything like that.

ok found it, that directory is

It’s the local version of the Homebrew/casks tap. It contains the install definitions for all software Homebrew caries.

so easy that must stay there :slight_smile:

thank you