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Docker For System Administrators not Developers?

Good Day Docker Community,

I’m a system administrator and have been using docker to run opensource web applications for years now.
And it looks like more and more opensource web application developers are adopting Docker as the official supported deployment method.

The problem I see with Docker as the official deployment method is that all the tutorials and documentation seem to be targeted to the developers and not the people they want to use and administer the end product.

It could just be that I haven’t found the type of documentation I’m looking for so I thought I’d see if you all know of any?

It would also be nice if Docker could release a version that was geared toward the non-developers so that it could be more widely adopted.

I love how much easier Docker makes getting started and running a web app so I’m hoping I’ve just not found the right documentation.

Thanks for any advice you can provide.

I can highly recommend this free self-paced training: It provides a soide foundation.

Experts can check if they miss out of features. Beginners can seriously dig into the topic.