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New to Docker, trouble starting

So, first off I’ve never used docker because I didn’t see the point in my specific situation. I have a small esxi host at home that I use as my lab and from my very limited knowledge of what docker is I thought that creating a VM then installing docker to run the app within that was pointless.

Still think this, but also know that I don’t actually know what docker is as I’ve never used it, so am willing to be corrected, maybe there is a point to that.

The problem I’m running into is that more and more of the servers I want to run at home seem to be abandoning installation guides and instructions entirely and just saying “use our docker!”. Kind of frustrating to be honest, I thought docker was for running containers off your workstation, I don’t like hosting anything on my workstation, I want everything running on my server.

Hi :slight_smile:

Docker for windows, I see that more as a development of images, and when you’re ready to deploy, you use your server.

So i would 100% install docker on your vm and run the containers on that.
The point of docker in this case, is to make it easier to maintain, som applications have alot of dependencies, and with docker, the creator of the application/image can just bundle that in a docker, so you only need to run 1 command and you’re good to go.

If you fx. prefer to install mysql using apt-get or whatever package system you use, fine, but then you also get alot of libs and whatever that spread out on your system, but i think its easier just to put all the mysql stuff in a container :slight_smile:

Also, have you checked ? Alot of images for all kinds of cool stuff, also from official maintainers like oracle, node, apache and much more.

Its just easier bro :slight_smile: