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Docker for Windows - Access Denied - Beta

I have just got the latest Docker edge version and now Docker will not start. The error is:

Docker for Windows - Access Denied
You are not allowed to use Docker. You must be in the “docker-users” group.

I have checked the group, and my user is correctly in there.

I think the issue is that my machine is Workplace-joined and I’m logging in with my workplace user. For clarity, my machine is not domain-joined, but I login with my domain user through Office 365/Azure.

Is this a bug?

Yeah, we have an internal issue tracking this. Also see:

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Ah! Same issue here… will look at issue tracker.

I am too a member of an AzureAD domain and am in that group but as of recent betas cannot run docker

Have same issue… Is there any workaround?

I added myself to group, did not work, logged out then in again, and then it did work. That is, you have to log in again for the new user groups to be picked up by the OS.

Is this issue resolved?